Billboard 1: Chart is in a Funk

This post is the first of what I foresee to be regular commentary on the weekly Billboard Top 100, aided by the killer YouTube channel, HRChart. I plan to comment on the top three songs and any other developments that interest me. #1: “Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars” by Mark Ronson Enjoying its eleventh week […]

Park Déjà vu

Originally Published on The Otter. CHESS’s Saturday excursion into the suburban wilds originated at the Markham Museum, a Toronto suburb located north east of the city. Our visit began with a presentation by two Parks Canada employees on the new Rouge Urban National Park initiative, which will be the first Canadian national park located within an […]

On Question Periods and State Park Closures

Originally posted on Thoughts Across Time. I find the most difficult part of presenting at conferences to be the question section. There is something about being put on-the-spot that causes one to completely forget the entirety of one’s knowledge base. One frantically searches the suddenly blank depths of one’s mind for a semi-intelligent response. The ability […]

Cultivating an Online Presence: Leading the Academic into the Digital Realm

Originally published on The Otter. Several months ago I wrote a piece for my department’s graduate student blog that addressed the need for Humanities students’ to expand their skill set in order adapt to the changing demands of both the academic and non-academic job markets and society at large. Sparked initially by the dialogue that took […]

Broadening the Humanities’ Skill Set

“Broadening the Humanities’ Skill Set: The Role of GIS in Positioning the Humanities Student for Academic and Non-Academic Career Achievement” This post was originally published on Thoughts Across Time. The internet seems to be burgeoning with humanities doomsday articles lately. Questioning the sanity of humanities students, particularly of the graduate variety, these articles declare that the […]

Notes from the Field

Originally Published for Rachel Carson Center’s blog, Seeing the Woods Outsider. Insider. My academic journey thus far often seems like a tightrope act between these two desires. My background and passion for state parks and nature has led me to become an environmental historian who focuses on parks. My dissertation is a comparative history of the […]