NiCHE Conversations 1.13: Environmental History and the Canada-U.S. Border Through an Outsider’s Eyes with Ramya Swayamprakash

NiCHE Article Discussed: “Twice Removed: Environmental History and the Canada-U.S. Border Through an Outsider’s Eyes” by Ramya Swayamprakash Feature Photograph: Gulls on Detroit River, Mariner Park, Detroit, Michigan, Protopian Pickle Jar, Flickr Commons.

NiCHE Conversations 1.12: HBC Cosplay and Performing History at Lower Fort Garry with Jonathan Weier

NiCHE Article Discussed: “Reminiscences of a (Make-Believe) Mid-19th Century Hudson’s Bay Company Labourer” by Jonathan Weier Feature Image: A park interpreter recreates the 1850s by marshalling his troops at Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site on the Red River in Manitoba, Canada. Lower Fort Garry, by David Stanley, Flickr Commons.

NiCHE Conversations 1.10: T’akwe Nàdè: The HBC in Tłı̨chǫ Nèk’e with John B. Zoe

NiCHE Article discussed: “T’akwe Nàdè: The HBC in Tłı̨chǫ Nèk’e” by John B. Zoe and Jess Dunkin Feature Photograph: Behchokǫ̀ on Great Slave Lake, Rae Edzo, NWT, June 9, 2009. Wikimedia Commons.

NiCHE Conversations 1.9: POWs and Their Pets in Canada During WWII with Dr. Michael O’Hagan

NiCHE Article Discussed: “Held Captive: Prisoners of War and Their Pets in Canada during the Second World War” by Michael O’Hagan Feature Photograph: German combatant POWs at Camp 133 (Lethbridge, Alberta). Michael O’Hagan’s personal collection.

NiCHE Conversations 1.6: Treaty Rights and Memory in Mi’kmaw’ki with Mercedes Peters

NiCHE Article Discussed: “Settler Forgetting in Saulnierville: The Sipekne’katik Mi’kmaw Fishery as Reminder” by Mercedes Peters

NiCHE Conversations 1.5: Kyriarchy and the Environmental Humanities with Caroline Evans Abbott

NiCHE Article Discussed: “Of COVID Landscapes and Lockdown: Kyriarchy, Unsettling Environmental Prose, and Pandemic as time for Authorial Reflection” by Caroline Evans Abbott