This is the second in a set of three end-of-year 2022 music stats posts. I published my top songs yesterday and will publish my top albums later this week. I keep track of every track and podcast episode I listen to on all digital platforms, including Itunes, Spotify, and YouTube by way of scrobbling. This is a list of the artists and podcasts I listened to the most.

*A Spotify Playlist featuring my 50+ top artists is located at the end of this post.*

#1: Taylor Swift (89 Listens)

Taylor Swift

Most-Listened-To Song: “Out of the Woods”

#2: New Books Network (83 Listens)

New Books Network Logo

#3: saynave (71 Listens)

Most-Listened-To Song: “Speak the Language”

#4: AdamTx (65 Listens)


Most-Listened-To Song #1 (4-Way Tie): “CantTellMeShit”

Most-Listened-To Song #2 (4-Way Tie): “drip”

Most-Listened-To Song #3 (4-Way Tie): “like a Net”

Most-Listened-To Song #4 (4-Way Tie): “Nimbus Freestyle”

#4: Colleen Brown (65 Listens)

Most-Listened-To Song #1 (5-Way Tie): “Good Life”

Most-Listened-To Song #2 (5-Way Tie): “I’m Loving You From Here”

Most-Listened-To Song #3 (5-Way Tie): “It’s the End of the World (Again)”

Most-Listened-To Song #4 (5-Way Tie): “The Olden Ways”

Most-Listened-To Song #5 (5-Way Tie): “The Practice”

#6: J’Moris (59 Listens)

Most-Listened-To Song: “Magic”

#7: NPR (58 Listens)

NPR Logo

#8: Armin van Buuren (56 Listens)

Armin van Buuren

56 Songs Tied for Most-Listened-To (See Playlist)

#9: Buu E. Radley (55 Listens)

Buu E Radley

Most-Listened-To Song: “Don’t Text and Drive”

#10: Avril Lavigne (52 Listens)

Most-Listened-To Song: “Complicated”

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Dr. Jessica M. DeWitt is an environmental historian of Canada and the United States. She is passionate about the use of digital technologies to bridge the gap between the public and researchers. In addition to her community and professional work, she offers various editing and social media consultancy services.

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