This is the 172nd post in my series that explores the most-used words in the top stories shared among Environmental Historians and Environmental Humanities scholars on Twitter each week. 

Here are the top articles among environmental historians and humanities scholars this past week (June 8, 2020 – June 14, 2020):

Monday: “Brazil stops releasing Covid-19 death toll and wipes data from official site” by Dom Phillips, The Guardian

Tuesday: Finland: Environmental History in National Languages” by Timo Myllyntaus, Whitehorse Press

Wednesday: “Everything Could Be Free” by Greg Afinogenov, n+1

Thursday: BHP to destroy at least 40 Aboriginal sites, up to 15,000 years old, to expand Pilbara mine” by Lorena Allam and Calla Wahlquist, The Guardian

Friday:Starbucks bans employees from wearing anything in support of Black Lives Matter” by John Bowden, The Hill

Saturday: Yes, We Mean Literally Abolish the Police” by Mariame Kaba, The New York Times

Sunday: Is Environmental Activism Bad For Business? History Suggests Not” by Ken Silverstein, Forbes

Top Words

1. police

2. history

3. environmental

4. people

5. Finnish

6. said

7. BHP

8. cops

9. Finland

10. health

11. sites

12. violence

Published by Jessica M. DeWitt

Dr. Jessica M. DeWitt is an environmental historian of Canada and the United States. She is passionate about the use of digital technologies to bridge the gap between the public and researchers. In addition to her community and professional work, she offers various editing and social media consultancy services.

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