This is the 136th post in my series that explores the most-used words in the top stories shared among Environmental Historians and Environmental Humanities scholars on Twitter each week.

Here are the top articles among environmental historians and humanities scholars this past week (September 30, 2019 – October 6, 2019):

Monday: “False profits” by Peter Dykstra, Environmental Health News

Tuesday: The Forgotten History of America’s Worst Racial Massacre” by Nan Elizabeth Woodruff, The New York Times

Wednesday: “Assistant Professor in Global Race/Ethnicity and Inequality, Department of Global Studies,” UC Santa Barbara

Thursday: The movement to take climate action has begun – but we have a long way to go” by António Guterres, The Guardian

Friday: CO2 in the atmosphere just exceeded 415 parts per million for the first time in human history” by Jonathan Shieber, TechCrunch

Saturday: Radical warming in Siberia leaves millions on unstable ground” by Anton Troianovski, Chris Mooney, and Michael Robinson Chavez, The Washington Post

Sunday: ‘Once they’re gone, they’re gone’: the fight to save the giant sequoia” by Maanvi Singh, The Guardian

Top Words

1. said

2. climate

3. people

4. Zyryanka

5. permafrost

6. black

7. change

8. Elaine

9. years

10. will

Published by Jessica M. DeWitt

Dr. Jessica M. DeWitt is an environmental historian of Canada and the United States. She is passionate about the use of digital technologies to bridge the gap between the public and researchers. In addition to her community and professional work, she offers various editing and social media consultancy services.

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